Vehicle registration

Before completing this form please search the Public Register using your vehicle registration plate number to confirm if your vehicle is already registered as a commercial passenger vehicle.

What are booked and unbooked trips?

Booked (hire car/rideshare) trips are booked over the phone or through a web application.

Unbooked (taxi) trips are hailed from the street or hired from a recognised taxi rank.

Providing unbooked (taxi) services

To provide unbooked (taxi) services, there are additional things you must do, including:

Booking a VicRoads appointment to get an unbooked (taxi) vehicle registration plate

Buying and installing in your vehicle a:

  • - CPVV approved security camera (for trips that begin in the Metropolitan and Urban and Large Regional zones only)
  • - fare calculation device that meets our specifications
  • - CPVV approved electronic transaction terminal to process Multi Purpose Taxi Program transactions.

More information about commercial passenger vehicle owner responsibilities is available on our website.