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Current Restrictions in Victoria

International travellers to Victoria

As per the Victorian Border Crossing Directions issued by the Chief Health Officer at 11.59pm on 27 November, 2021, all international travellers arriving in Victoria from certain extreme high-risk countries will now be required to undertake 14 days’ hotel quarantine regardless of their vaccination status. All other international travellers arriving in Victoria who are fully vaccinated are required to self-quarantine for 72 hours. Learn more on the coronavirus website.

Drivers please ensure you are cleaning your vehicles as per CPV cleaning regulations. The Department of Health also recommends that commercial passenger vehicle drivers who pick up passengers at international ports of entry (airports and seaports) get tested regularly for coronavirus (COVID-19), even if they have no symptoms. The recommendations are

  1. 1 x PCR (either throat-nose or saliva swab) test per week; or
  2. at least 3 x rapid antigen tests per week, with no more than 72-hours between each test.

Lockdown settings in Victoria from 11:59pm Thursday 18 November 2021

We have detailed the settings applicable to the commercial passenger vehicle (CPV) industry, driving instructors and bus drivers.

There are no restrictions on the reasons to leave home, and there is no stay-at-home curfew, but staying COVIDSafe remains important.

Detailed information on the restrictions can be found at www.coronavirus.vic.gov.au

COVIDSafe Settings for CPVs

CPVs can provide services across Victoria.

COVIDSafe settings still apply in all CPVs, which means face masks must be worn at all times unless a lawful exemption applies, and passengers must check-in to CPVs using QR codes provided. You must also adhere to vehicle cleaning regulations.

As of 26 November 2021 CPV drivers must be fully vaccinated to provide CPV services. Learn more here.

COVIDSafe Settings for driving instructors

Driving instructors can operate and provide instruction across Victoria. Face masks are required to be worn by the driving instructor and student, unless a lawful exemption exists and QR codes are required in the driving instructor’s vehicle. Information on VicRoads licence tests can be found on the VicRoads coronavirus webpage.

Driving instructors are strongly encouraged to be fully vaccinated to provide services.

COVIDSafe Settings for bus drivers

Bus drivers can work however please check the Transport Safety Victoria webpage for information about restrictions that apply to bus services.

As of 26 November 2021, CPV drivers must be fully vaccinated to provide CPV services. Please see COVID-19 vaccine program for more information.

Please continue to stay COVIDSafe

A specific CPV QR poster with a QR code AND 6-digit location code must be displayed in all CPVs. You cannot display the QR code without the 6-digit location code as passengers use these digits to check in manually. Learn more on CPVV’s Service Victoria QR Code Requirement - Record Keeping webpage.

Get your vaccine now

Vaccines are free and available for all Victorians over the age of 16.

Book your appointment now by calling 1800 675 398 or visiting https://portal.cvms.vic.gov.au/

Information about COVID-19 vaccines has been translated into multiple languages. Find information in your language.

If you feel unwell, please get tested and isolate immediately.

A COVID-19 Test Isolation Payment of $450 is available you need to miss work due to self-isolation.

If you have been directed to quarantine for 14 days, there is a $1,500 payment available.

Financial Support

Please find updated information on CPVV’s Financial Support webpage which some CPV industry members may be eligible for.

If you have any questions, you can seek responses from the respective organisations managing the programs, their contact details can be found on CPPV’s Financial Support webpage.


As a CPV driver do I have to accept a trip if I feel unsafe?

No. If a passenger is not wearing a mask and you feel that you are unable to provide a safe service for either the passenger/s, you are not required to accept the trip.

If you have a safety concern regarding your CPV trip you can contact Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria at safety@cpv.vic.gov.au

Take a look at CPVV’s driver FAQs for further information about how to provide a safe service.

As a CPV driver do I have to wear a face mask when travelling alone?

No. CPV drivers travelling in a vehicle by themselves do not have to wear a mask.

What can I do if I suspect or am aware that Public Health Directions are not being followed?

See CPVV’s driver FAQs for more information on this.