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Apply for driving instructor authority

Find information for driving instructors and driving students about safely operating during the COVID-19 pandemic in our FAQs.

A driving instructor is anyone who, for profit/gain or as part of their trade or business, teaches an unlicensed person to drive a motor car on a public or open road.

This definition doesn’t include motorcycles, a vehicle that weighs more than 4.5 tonnes or a vehicle that has seating for more than 12 adults including the driver.

Professional driving instructors in Victoria must hold a Driving Instructor Authority when teaching an unlicensed person to drive a car. This page details the applicant criteria and application process.

Applicant criteria

Applicants for a Driving Instructor Authority must:

  • hold a current full Victorian driver licence granted under section 19 of the Road Safety Act 1986 (Vic) (Road Safety Act)
  • provide 100 points of proof of identification
  • successfully complete the Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics (Road Transport – Car Driving Instruction) (TLI41218). This must be accompanied by a letter advising if training was completed in a manual or automatic vehicle
  • meet the Medical Standards for commercial vehicle driving as set out in the publication Assessing Fitness to Drive 2016 produced by Austroads
  • pass a driver history check. Applications will be checked for serious or frequent traffic offences. A history of serious or frequent breaches of the Road Safety Act 1986 may, in the absence of compelling evidence to the contrary, disqualify a person from being granted an authority
  • hold a current Working with Children Check (issued for ‘Employment’ purposes) if they intend to instruct students under the age of 18 years on a regular basis.

Application process

Step 1: Complete an application form

Complete a Driving Instructor Authority application form and have the medical assessment completed by a medical practitioner.

Step 2: Attach evidence of completing the Certificate IV course

Attach evidence that you have completed the Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics (Road Transport - Car Driving Instruction) (TLI41218). This must be in the form of a letter from the registered training organisation (on company letterhead) specifying the course completed and whether training was conducted in a manual or automatic vehicle.

Attaching a copy of the certificate itself is optional.

Further information on these certificates is available on the training requirements page.

Step 3: Attach copies of required identity documents

Attach certified copies of all required identification documents as outlined in Section 5 of the Driving Instructor Authority application form PDF, 274.6 KB.

The applicant is required to provide 100 points of identity documents. The documents listed are the commonly used documents only, and do not represent the full list of documents that can be used to satisfy this requirement. Please see proof of identification information for a complete list of documents that can be used.

Step 4: Attach photographs

Provide two recent passport-sized colour photographs (taken in the last 6 months).

Step 5: Sign Section 7 (Declaration, Consent & Privacy Information)

Please sign at the end of Section 7 of the application form giving consent and making the declarations described in this section, as well as confirming your understanding outlined in the fact sheet.

Step 6: Make payment

Please submit the application without payment. We will contact your with our banking details so you can arrange a direct banking transfer of the application fee. This is a temporary change to our usual process.

Step 7: Lodge application

Lodge your completed application form by post to:

Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria,
GPO Box 1716, Melbourne, VIC, 3001

Please ensure you have included:

  • proof of identity
  • two recent passport sized colour photographs
  • evidence that you have completed the Certificate IV course
  • your Working with Children Check if you intend to instruct students under the age of 18 years on a regular basis.

National Police History Check (NPHC)

As part of your application, CPVV will conduct a NPHC on your behalf. CPVV does this through a contractual arrangement with the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) – the government agency responsible for criminal history record checking. You will be provided with a copy of the results of your NPHC as a part of the application process.

Information provided in this form will be disclosed to police agencies for checking action and updating records held about you by ACIC and police agencies. ACIC and police agencies will access their records to obtain and disclose police history information that relates to you to CPVV.

That information may include outstanding charges, warrant information and criminal convictions, findings of guilt or pleas of guilt recorded against you. Police history information is disclosed according to the applicable laws of the relevant jurisdiction and, in accordance with the relevant jurisdiction’s information release policies. That may include spent convictions legislation.

Mutual recognition

If you have held a driving instructor authority in another state or territory and wish to apply for mutual recognition, you must complete a Mutual Recognition form instead of this form and provide the required documentation as outlined in that form.

For more information see our mutual recognition page.

Industry associations

Contact information for industry bodies and associations:

For further information, contact us.

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