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Interested in providing Multi Purpose Taxi Program services?

UPDATE 24 January 2020: There’s good news on its way for booking service providers (BSPs) interested in offering subsidised trips through the Multi Purpose Taxi Program (MPTP).

Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria (CPVV) is in discussion with several interested parties with the aim of extending the program to a wider range of BSPs.

The MPTP supports the transport needs of people with severe and permanent disabilities by subsidising commercial passenger vehicle fares. CPVV pays half the base fare of each trip taken by an MPTP member, up to $60.

The program has more than 220,000 members across Victoria. More than 5 million subsidised trips were taken by members in 2018-19.

CPVV is looking to run pilot programs that will allow more BSPs to offer MPTP services.

The expansion of the program will mean MPTP members have more choice when it comes to booking a subsidised trip.

More information on the MPTP pilots, and how you can express interest in taking part, will be available over the coming weeks. CPVV will contact BSPs as soon as further details can be shared. BSPs do not need to do anything now.

The expansion of the MPTP is part of CPVV’s commitment to improving accessible transport options.