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Commercial passenger vehicle industry statistics

Commercial passenger vehicle (CPV) registration

Total number of CPV registrations at June 2020 was 86,444. Rate of growth since June 2019 was 26% (19,732 registrations). CPV registration in June 2020 was 1,437.

Total CPV registered

Month Total number of CPVs registered at end of month Growth over previous 12 months Growth percentageNew CPV registrations
July 2020 86,757 18,45323313

CPV driver accreditation

At June 2020 112,5050 drivers accredited. This is a 15% rate of growth as compared to 2018-19 financial year.

1. Total CPV drivers accredited

MonthTotal drivers accredited as at end of monthAnnual rate of growth (%)
July 2020112,93611

New driver accreditation applications were 1,054 in June 2020. This was a 41% decrease on the number during the same period last year.

2. New CPV driver applications

MonthNumber of driver applicationsNumber of driver applications same time last yearCompared (%)
July 20207441,916- 61

Booking service providers (BSPs)

Total number of booking service providers at June 2020 was 254. This is 25.1% growth since June 2019

Total number of BSPs

MonthTotal number of BSPs at end of monthAnnual growth (%)
July 202024819.8

Multi Purpose Taxi Program

Total number of MPTP members at June 2020 was 98,208

1. MPTP active members

MonthActive members
July 202096,928

Total number of MPTP wheelchair trips was 46,080 in June 2020. This was a 56% decrease when compared to May 2019 (105, 536 trips)

2. Total number of MPTP wheelchair trips

MonthTotal number of MPTP wheelchair trips for monthTotal number for same period last yearComparison (%)
July 202039,099118,031- 61