Sustainability Policy

Our Vision is to achieve excellent environmental, social and economic outcomes across all phases of the North East Link project, in order to leave enduring positive benefits for communities and contribute to the future liveability of Melbourne.

To achieve this Vision, the North East Link Project will work with our partners to:

  • Use resources efficiently by embedding energy, water, material and waste reduction initiatives into the design, construction and operation of the Project
  • Protect and seek opportunities to enhance the natural environment
  • Make a positive contribution to social, cultural and community health and wellbeing
  • Facilitate opportunities for economic development, provide a skilled local workforce and promote diversity and inclusion
  • Play a part in Victoria achieving its emission reduction targets while preparing for the challenges presented by climate change.

To give effect to this Policy, our people will:

  • Be leaders in sustainability and integrate sustainability principles into planning, design, procurement and project decision making
  • Establish meaningful sustainability objectives and targets that will drive outstanding outcomes
  • Encourage and reward innovation and continuous improvement and promote new ideas and thinking
  • Listen, learn and share knowledge with stakeholders and industry peers
  • Publicly report our performance and be accountable for meeting sustainability objectives and targets.

View the September 2018 Sustainability fact sheet.