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Main volume

Executive Summary
Abbreviations and glossary
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Objective of the action
Chapter 3 Description of the action
Chapter 4 Feasible alternatives
Chapter 5 Description of the environment
Chapter 6 Impact assessment
Chapter 7 Impacts on listed threatened species and ecological communities, and on migratory species
Chapter 8 Water related impacts
Chapter 9 Impacts on the whole of the environment on Commonwealth land
Chapter 10 Proposed avoidance and mitigation measures
Chapter 11 Offsets
Chapter 12 Environmental outcomes
Chapter 13 Other approvals and conditions
Chapter 14 Consultation
Chapter 15 Environmental record of person(s) proposing to take the action
Chapter 16 Economic and social matters
Chapter 17 Information sources
Chapter 18 Conclusion


Attachment I PER Guidelines
Attachment II Content Guide
Attachment III EES Environmental Management Framework and Environmental Performance Requirements
Attachment IV Options Assessment
Attachment V List of persons and agencies consulted during the PER
Attachment VI Names of persons involved in preparing the PER & the work done by each of these persons
Attachment VII Reference List
Attachment VIII Submissions Report

Technical appendices

Technical Appendix A Flora and Fauna
Technical Appendix B Groundwater
Technical Appendix C Surface water
Technical Appendix D Commonwealth land
Technical Appendix E Project boundary and EPBC boundary coordinates