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Visit the North East Link careers page to find our current vacancies.

At North East Link, we are committed to ensuring Melbourne continues as one of the world’s most liveable cities. Everything we do is about finding the best outcomes for local communities as we deliver Victoria’s largest ever road infrastructure project. We hope to achieve a great legacy for Melbourne. The legacy for your career will be a rewarding experience shaping this important project and working alongside industry leaders.

We will create thousands of jobs during construction and early operation and you will be a member of a diverse and committed organisation where we provide employees with every opportunity to enjoy a work/life balance.

There will be significant opportunities in the North East Link Project, with roles including;

  • Administrative assistants
  • Commercial specialists
  • Communications and stakeholder engagement professionals
  • Designers
  • Document controllers
  • Environmental advisors
  • Graduates
  • Human resources
  • Lawyers
  • Planning advisors
  • Procurement advisors
  • Project engineers
  • Project managers
  • Safety specialists
  • Senior project managers
  • Tunnelling
  • Quality assurance
  • Project directors
  • Trainees
  • and more!

To begin a career with some of the most rewarding conditions, we invite you to find out more about opportunities at the North East Link careers page.