Sports and Recreation

Binnak Park Pavillion - Artist Impressions

Image above of Binnak Park Pavilion - artist impression. Subject to change.

Millions of dollars of upgrades are coming to sports grounds in Melbourne's northern and eastern suburbs, to keep local clubs playing and thriving during construction and beyond.

We’re working closely with clubs that will need to temporarily or permanently move to new grounds as well as councils, sports leagues and state sporting associations, schools and landowners to identify the best places to invest in new and existing sports facilities to deliver the most benefit for local communities.

The outcomes of the Environment Effects Statement (EES) process will help confirm where investments should be made.

Works to upgrade sports grounds are planned to start well before major construction begins, so clubs can make a smooth transition to their new temporary homes.

Our Sports and Recreation Fact Sheet provides an overview of potential sporting field relocations.

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We’re working with Banyule Council and the clubs that use AK Lines Reserve, Gabonia Avenue Reserve and Winsor Reserve to identify temporary relocation options nearby.

Greensborough College

Greensborough College has been identified as a potential temporary alternative for clubs that currently use AK Lines Reserve, Gabonia Reserve or Winsor Reserve for some training and games including Watsonia Heights Football Club, Macleod Junior Football Club, Macleod Cricket Club, St Marys Greensborough Junior Football Club and St Marys Football Club. As part of developing this option we’ve been working closely with Banyule Council and Greensborough College to develop plans for major upgrades to sporting facilities at the school including new playing fields and a new pavilion.

Binnak Park

Binnak Park could be a potential temporary home for Watsonia Football Club and Plenty Valley Cricket Club. As part of this relocation option, new facilities would be built at Binnak Park including a refurbished sports oval, score boards, cricket practice nets, lighting and a new pavilion.

Ford Park

Ford Park has been identified as a possible relocation option for Yarra Junior Football League (YJFL). We’re working with Banyule City Council through their Ford Park Masterplan (developed in 2016) to identify what upgrades to existing facilities could be needed to the park. Proposed upgrades so far include refurbishing the southern oval and upgrading lighting as well as building a new pavilion, new synthetic turf cricket nets and more car parking. The upgraded facilities could be used by YJFL and the park’s current users Ivanhoe Junior Football Club and Bellfield Cricket Club.

To build the North East Link tunnels and connection to the Eastern Freeway some community sports fields and facilities in the Bulleen Park area would be impacted permanently relocated due to land acquisition. These include Boroondara Tennis Centre and Bulleen Park Oval 1. Part of the Freeway Golf course along Bulleen Road would also be permanently acquired.

We’ve been working with Boroondara and Manningham councils, clubs, leagues and associations, facility managers and other landowners to discuss and investigate options for clubs and facilities that use the area. We’ve also been working closely with schools and community clubs including Veneto Club. Options being explored for Bulleen Park include:

  • Reconfiguring Bulleen Park
  • Reconfiguring and/or upgrading facilities within schools and Veneto Club
  • Creating new spaces nearby, including a possible option on Templestowe Road.

Input from councils and affected clubs have informed the development of several options to reconfigure Bulleen Park and to create new spaces nearby. There are benefits and challenges to each option, and these are outlined in our Sports and Recreation Fact Sheet PDF, 763.9 KB

We’ll keep working with local stakeholders and clubs to finalise and proceed with a preferred option before construction in the area starts.

Two ovals at Elgar Park could be temporarily required to build North East Link.

North East Oval

The North East Oval is used as a junior competition venue by Mont Albert Cricket Club. We’re working with Whitehorse Council to create a temporary replacement venue at Bennetswood Reserve in Burwood.

North West Oval

The North West Oval could potentially be upgraded to improve flood water management for an upgraded Eastern Freeway. This is still to be confirmed through further design work, technical studies and the final project design. If this oval is required, the impact will be short term up to approximately 18 months. A number of relocation options have been identified if required including Springfield Reserve in Whitehorse and Wilsons Road Reserve in Manningham.