We have designed this website to cause as few accessibility problems as possible given the limitations of the tools used to create the website.

We are always looking at ways to improve the accessibility of our information. If you have accessibility issues or feedback, please contact us.

Accessibility features

Accessibility features on the site include:

  • Use of alternative text on all content images
  • Limiting the use of new browser windows
  • Use of introductions and/or meaningful titles for tables
  • Use of properly marked up bulleted and numbered lists
  • Limited use of tables for layout

PDF files

Some documents on this site are presented as PDF files. To view them you will need a PDF viewer program installed on your computer.

Visit the Adobe website to download the free Adobe Reader from the Adobe website or talk to your IT service provider for assistance with the software. There are other software options available.

The Adobe Accessibility Resource Center provides tools and information to help make Adobe PDF files accessible to users with visual disabilities. It contains accessibility tools which convert Adobe PDF documents into HTML or plain text which can then be read by a common screen reading programs. All links opening PDF files are clearly identified.

If you can not access PDFs, please contact us for access to an alternative version of the information.

Multimedia files

Multimedia content, such as videos, animations and audio files, is supported by transcripts or text equivalents.

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