Vehicle owners FAQs

Due to the ongoing risk of COVID-19 in Victoria, the CPV cleaning laws have been extended for 12 months until 1 October 2022.

CPV drivers must clean high-touch surfaces with approved products throughout a shift. They must also keep a record of every time the vehicle is cleaned.

Booking Service Providers (BSPs) and vehicle owners who take bookings, or only take unbooked services must:

  • give drivers a way to record and submit cleaning records
  • keep cleaning records for 12 months.
  • take reasonable steps to support drivers with their responsibilities.

An approved hand sanitiser must also be available to passengers for every CPV trip that starts in Victoria.

Read the CPV industry guidelines for an overview of the laws: CPV industry guidelines PDF, 13.8 MB

Read The Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Further Amendment Regulations 2020 for full details.

More information on the cleaning laws can be found here.

Do vehicle owners need to have the Service Victoria QR code in their vehicle?

Yes. It is mandatory for vehicle owners to have the Service Victoria QR code in their vehicle for use by drivers and passengers.

More information on the Service Victoria QR code requirements for commercial passenger vehicles can be found here.

Vehicle owners should work with drivers to encourage passengers to check-in using the Service Victoria QR code. Drivers are not responsible for ensuring passenger compliance with the Service Victoria QR code, and it is not mandatory for passengers to check-in but it is recommended.

What other records must vehicle owners keep?

If you are:

  • an owner driver, including if you lease the vehicle
  • a vehicle owner who engages drivers to provide commercial passenger vehicle services using your vehicle/s
  • a booking service provider that owns vehicles used to provide commercial passenger vehicle services

you must keep records to demonstrate compliance with the Workplace Directions (specifically the Service Victoria QR code requirements)

For example, if you engage drivers to provide commercial passenger vehicle services using your vehicle/s, you must keep records of driver payments (these may be used to cross-check shift information). Examples used to demonstrate you are meeting the requirement includes, but is not limited to:

  • copies of cleaning records and booked commercial passenger vehicle service trip data if your booking service provider maintains these
  • trip data about any unbooked services your vehicle provides.

I am an independent owner/operator, what else do I need to know?

If you are a booking service provider (BSP) that is exempt from registering with CPVV, you must also fulfil the requirements of a BSP. This includes vehicle owners that own one or two vehicles and accept bookings only for those vehicles. If this applies to you, please see the BSP section for more information.

If you only provide unbooked trips you must still ensure, under the cleaning laws effective 18 November 2020, your vehicle must be cleaned as required and you must keep cleaning records for your vehicle(s). For more information on cleaning law requirements see here.