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Fare calculation devices in commercial passenger vehicles

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Make sure your fare calculation device is working

Drivers and vehicle owners need to ensure their fare calculation devices are operating at all times when providing unbooked services.

Specifications for fare calculation devices

All commercial passenger vehicles that provide unbooked commercial passenger vehicle services must have a fare calculation device installed that complies with specifications determined by Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria (CPVV) available here.

Fare calculation devices and booked commercial passenger vehicle services

Fare calculation devices are not required in commercial passenger vehicles providing booked services (e.g. hire cars or rideshare vehicles).

Update 23 April 2020: Taxi tolls are ending on CityLink soon

CityLink taxi tolls will no longer apply on CityLink from the end of June this year. Instead, from 1 July 2020, taxi drivers will pay tolls based on which gantry points they pass under, just like any other CityLink customer. The fare calculation device will automatically calculate and display the toll price to the passenger. Drivers will no longer need to add the tolls at the end of trips that include travel on CityLink.

I am a vehicle owner, what do I need to do?

The requirement to have a compliant fare calculation device applies to all taxi owners. We first advised industry to update their equipment in July 2019 and over 95 per cent of vehicle owners already have capable equipment installed. Therefore, most vehicle owners do not need to take any further action at all, as they will already have a compliant fare device.

However, if a taxi is still fitted with an older analogue type fare device, it must be replaced with one of the following three compliant fare devices as soon as possible:

  • Cabcharge: Fareway Plus
  • Net-Cabs: Oiii Vehicle Dispatch System (VDS)
  • Schmidt Electronics Laboratories: G5

If a fare calculation device needs replacing or if anyone is unsure about which particular device model they have, then please contact the supplier immediately. Contact details are at the bottom of this page.

I am in the country and don’t use CityLink. Do I need to do anything?

Taxis operating in country zones are unlikely to use CityLink, so in country areas, vehicle owners can continue using analogue devices provided they can accurately record and display the fares and charges that apply where they operate.

Device suppliers can provide further advice about devices s that remain compliant for unbooked commercial passenger vehicles (taxis) operating in country areas. Contact details are provided below.

Transurban will provide information about day passes available to country taxis.

Under the new toll arrangements, will taxis now have to pay for using the Batman Avenue (Exhibition Street extension)?

Yes, taxis using this section of road between Flinders Street and Swan Street will have to pay the toll (currently $1.62).

What about Eastlink?

At this stage, there is no change to the taxi toll arrangements on Eastlink.

Where can I find out more?

Transurban will soon communicate details about the commencement of automated tolling for taxi trips on CityLink directly to Booking Service Providers, vehicle owners and drivers.

Compliant fare calculation devices (includes processing of standard toll road charges)

Updated information with effect 8 August 2019: from 30 April 2020 all fare calculation devices used to provide unbooked (taxi) services in the metropolitan (urban and large regional) areas must be capable of calculating and displaying road toll charges.

The approved fare calculation devices capable of meeting this requirement are listed below:

  • Cabcharge: Fareway Plus
  • Net-Cabs: Oiii Vehicle Dispatch System (VDS)
  • Schmidt Electronics Laboratories: G5

We recommend you contact an approved fare calculation device supplier if you don’t have one of the above models.

Please note: we had previously advised that the fare calculation devices needed to be in place by November 2019, but due to industry feedback, the timeline has been extended.

Country operators

Country taxis may continue to use their existing fare calculation device if the device can accurately record and display the applicable fares and charges within the area they operate.

Device suppliers can provide further advice about the models that remain compliant for unbooked commercial passenger vehicles (taxis) operating in country areas. Contact details are provided below:

Compliant fare calculation devices for metropolitan, urban and large regional use

Device make



Fareway Plus

Net-Cabs Pty Ltd

Oiii Vehicle Dispatch System (VDS)

Schmidt Electronics Laboratories


Compliant for country use only

Device make



XUS 6000
Europa XUS 7000

Martin Meters

Mk 5 si
Mk 5 si series 2

Schmidt Electronics Laboratories

G3 Mk 2

Compliant fare calculation device suppliers



1800 652 229

02 9332 9222


152–162 Riley Street
East Sydney, NSW, 2010

Martin Meters


9335 1551


PO Box 393
Kilmore, VIC, 3764

Net-Cabs Pty Ltd


8394 6812

0414 952 987


F56, 63 Turner Street
Port Melbourne, VIC, 3207

Schmidt Electronics Laboratories


9546 6990


153 Osborne Avenue
Clayton South, VIC, 3169

Processing MPTP payments

To offer unbooked services, a vehicle must be fitted with an electronic transaction terminal to process Multi Purpose Taxi Program transactions.

Currently Cabcharge and Net-Cabs Pty Ltd offer equipment which meets these requirements. Please refer above for their contact details.