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Multi Purpose Taxi Program

  • Fees for MPTP member cards are paused until further notice. Learn more

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The Multi Purpose Taxi Program (MPTP) assists with the travel needs of people with accessibility and mobility needs by offering subsidised commercial passenger vehicle fares to members.

Multi Purpose Taxi Program Expansion Project

We aim to introduce more transport options for MPTP passengers, so that you can choose to take a taxi or hire car, including rideshare services.

As part of the MPTP Expansion Project, we’re currently partnering with both taxi and hire car (including rideshare) booking service providers to trial technology that may enable them to carry MPTP passengers, subject to strict controls.

We’re working with industry to ensure their technology is compatible with ours, that they can offer you a safe service and that your entitlements don’t change (you receive the full subsidy and don’t have to pay a lifting fee).

We’ll notify our MPTP members of the results of the trials, and any new transport options available to them at the conclusion and evaluation of all trials.

Uber is now offering subsidised MPTP trips across Victoria

Multi Purpose Taxi Program members across Victoria can now take subsidised trips with rideshare company Uber.

Members can receive the 50 per cent subsidy on any trips taken with UberX, Assist, UberXL, Comfort and Premier services.

MPTP trips taken with Uber will count towards members’ subsidy limit, as with trips booked with other MPTP providers.

Uber do not have wheelchair accessible vehicles at this stage. However, collapsible wheelchairs or mobility scooters that can fit in the boot of a standard vehicle can be taken.

How it works:

  1. If you don’t have the Uber app yet, download it to your smartphone. If you already have it, you’re all set.
  2. To join the program, you first need to complete this form t.uber.com/EnrolMPTP. Make sure you include the email address that is connected to your Uber account, and have your MPTP member card number handy.
  3. Enter your destination on the Uber app.
  4. Request a ride via UberX – or use Uber Assist for additional service getting into and out of the vehicle. Members can also choose UberXL, Uber Comfort or Uber Premier.
  5. The 50% discount will automatically be factored into your trip, up to $60. You will be shown the total amount for the trip at time of request. Your subsidy will continue to apply as long as you have a balance remaining under the MPTP program.

Read more about the partnership between CPVV and Uber.

Trial with Uber in Geelong

As part of our MPTP Expansion Program, some Greater Geelong-based MPTP members trialled taking subsidised travel with Uber between Wednesday 25 March 2020 and Sunday 31 May 2020 (inclusive). Read more.

Oiii vehicles are now providing services to MPTP passengers

Following the successful completion of their trial as part of the MPTP Expansion Project, Oiii vehicles are now providing services to MPTP passengers.

MPTP members travelling in Oiii vehicles have their member cards processed differently than in other commercial passenger vehicles. Oiii vehicles operate in Melbourne and use a tablet device that acts as a card reader, GPS and trip meter. The tablet displays a driver’s identification, records MPTP member details, calculates MPTP member subsidies and processes payments, when providing commercial passenger vehicle services to MPTP members.

While Oiii’s tablet device captures MPTP member information differently to other commercial passenger vehicles, it does not alter MPTP member entitlements. MPTP members will only come across this new technology if booking an Oiii vehicle via their app, hailing one on the street, or hiring one at a taxi rank. All other commercial passenger vehicles continue to use an EFTPOS machine to check MPTP member eligibility and calculate fare subsidies.

For information about Oiii’s services visit the Oiii website.

If you have any queries about your MPTP card or membership please contact us.

MPTP subsidy

The temporary increase in the MPTP subsidy, to 70 per cent of the total fare, ended at 3am on Thursday 17 December 2020.

The increase was part of the Government’s response to coronavirus (COVID-19). It aimed to support MPTP members and the commercial passenger vehicle industry at the height of the pandemic.

Now that case numbers have dropped and restrictions are easing, the subsidy members receive has returned to 50 per cent – but this will apply to the total cost of each trip, including tolls and charges. That means MPTP members will still pay less than they did before 4 August, when the temporary increase was introduced.

The $60 per trip limit and members' individual (yearly) member cap remain unchanged.

A temporary increase to the lifting fee CPVV pays to drivers of wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs) has also ended. For more information on lifting fees see here.

Additional information

For more information on other MPTP changes effective from 4 August 2018, please click here.

For more information on the application process see How to apply.

Our current application processing time is on average 5 days.

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