The extra station at Hawkestowe the community asked for will be built as part of the Mernda Rail Extension Project..

Integrating into the natural surrounds and nearby residential areas, Hawkstowe station will provide uninterrupted views over Plenty Gorge parkland from the island platform..

The final design shifts the platform further south over Hawkstowe Parade, securing privacy for residents along Mount Eccles Way.

Moving the station platform also means the elevated rail section will return to ground level earlier and stay there for longer, north of Hawkstowe Parade.

With more than 350 parking spaces and a direct link to neighbouring parkland, the station will be easy to access by car, bike, taxi, bus and on foot

Arriving at the station

Station entries from the north and south will connect to a landscaped forecourt, spilling out into surrounding parkland.

A pedestrian crossing will support entry from Mount Eccles Way, aligning with an informal path at the southern end of the street.

There will be  two large lifts providing access even during maintenance.  Lifts will run off the mains power supply with a dedicated backup supply, in the event of a power failure.

Drop off

Taxi and 'kiss-and-ride' facilities will be visible from waiting areas so passengers can see their ride.


The station parking includes:

  • 350 park-and-ride spaces
  • six accessible spaces.


The station forecourt will host a bike storage area, next to the walking and cycling path that flows through the public space and connects with the existing path network.


Lighting and CCTV in the car park and surrounds will help maintain safety, as will the presence of Protective Service Officers each night after 6:00pm.

To view the brochure, download the Hawkstowe Station Precinct PDF PDF, 867.5 KB