The Victorian Government is removing 50 dangerous and congested level crossings across Melbourne. Removing these crossings will improve safety, ease congestion and improve public transport connectivity.

The Station Street and Eel Race Road level crossing removals will mean that the Carrum train storage facility, which is used to park and clean trains, will need to be moved.

In addition, building the Metro Tunnel Project will mean more trains can run on the Frankston Line, and we will need to store more trains than existing storage provides for.

A new purpose-built facility will be located in Seaford, approximately 200 metres from Kananook Station.

The Kananook site will not only accommodate immediate train storage needs but also has the capacity to accommodate these extra services on the Frankston Line.

Without train storage facilities, trains need to travel long distances without passengers before starting services, which reduces the number of timetabled train services that can run during the day.

What's happening

The new Kananook Train Storage Facility will be located in a light industrial area in Seaford bordered by the Frankston train line, Miles Grove and Wells Road.

The new train storage facility will ensure that:

  • trains can be stored at Kananook, improving the efficiency of the Frankston Line; and
  • the maintenance and daily cleaning of Melbourne's metropolitan train fleet will be more efficient.

To support the project, some commercial property will need to be acquired.

Conversations are currently being held with landowners and tenants (and nearby neighbours) who have been identified to be directly affected by the decision to establish the Kananook Train Storage Facility at this location.

Expected project timeline

2017 Planning

Early conversations with directly affected property owners and tenants.

This is part of a formal process to purchase the required land. We will keep the community informed as planning progresses.

2019 Construction is expected to start

Following land acquisition and detailed design. Some preparation works may begin earlier.

What happens at a train storage facility?

Train storage facilities are where trains are parked while not in operation. Typically, trains return to a storage facility at the end of service and are stored overnight until they are required again.

While the trains are in the facility they are cleaned internally and prepared for the next day's service.

A typical train storage facility is a fenced, open-air site with:

  • train tracks
  • connections to the main train line
  • overhead power supply
  • signalling and communication systems
  • CCTV and lighting.

The facility will also contain:

  • a building to support operations and amenities for staff
  • designated areas for staff car parking
  • access roads and walkways to the facility.

Other options considered

Throughout 2016, investigations were undertaken to assess the suitability of several sites to accommodate train storage requirements for the Frankston Line.

Existing Carrum facility

The Carrum Level Crossing Removal Project will reduce capacity at the existing train storage facility, which will not meet the storage requirements.

Armstrongs Road, Seaford

A site near Armstrongs Road in Seaford, adjacent to the Frankston rail corridor between Carrum and Seaford Station, was also considered.

This site is located close to residential properties and the environmentally sensitive Kananook Creek. It would also require additional modifications to the level crossing located on Armstrongs Road to ensure the train storage facility could be accessed from the south and the north.

While this option could accommodate the train storage that will be lost from Carrum, it does not allow for additional parking lines to be added and only provides a short term solution to train storage requirements along this line.


The construction of a new facility at Kananook does not impact any future options to extend the electrified train network to Baxter.

Both projects would be required to meet the long-term growth of the line and store the number of trains we'll be able to run once the Metro Tunnel is built.

Want to know more?

Please contact the Level Crossing Removal Project Team by calling 1800 762 667 or send us an email at

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