7 September 2016

Construction at St Albans Station

A major construction blitz will begin this October and November on the two level crossings at St Albans. This push on the Sunbury/Bendigo line will see around 700 level crossing construction workers working around the clock during road and rail closures.

The following disruptions to rail and road will take place around this period:

  • 4 to 30 October - Sunbury line will be closed, with buses replacing trains between Sunshine and Sunbury
  • 12 to 27 October - Furlong Road closed at the level crossing
  • 4 to 28 November - Main Road closed at the rail line.

At the end of the construction blitz Sunbury and Bendigo trains will travel under Main and Furlong Roads, two new stations will open at St Albans and Ginifer, and the Main Road and Furlong Road level crossings will be gone for good.

The Furlong Road and Main Road level crossing removal project will be complete in mid-2017 after car parking, landscaping and other construction work is finished.

During this period, V/Line will take the opportunity to make more than $46 million in improvements to maintain the safety and reliability of services on the Bendigo, Swan Hill and Echuca lines. From 4 to 30 October, the Bendigo, Swan Hill and Echuca lines will be closed, with buses replacing V/Line trains for the entire journey.

For more detail about disruptions to rail and road, please visit our Disruptions page.

View the Government media release.