14 June 2016

Train at level crossing in Hurstbridge

The removal of two more level crossings – Grange Road in Alphington and Lower Plenty Rd in Rosanna – will start next year as part of a package of works released to market that includes a new Rosanna Station and duplicated Hurstbridge line.

Packaging these critical works together will reduce disruption to local residents, businesses and passengers, and mean the benefits of this huge project can be delivered sooner.

Grange and Lower Plenty Road level crossings are two of Melbourne's worst – with boom gates down for more than a third of the morning peak, clogging roads in Melbourne's north eastern suburbs. 

Duplication of Hurstbridge line will also boost the reliability of services, removing the bottleneck that forces trains heading one way to wait for trains heading the other, and compounding delays and frustration for passengers.

Community consultation is already underway at Grange Road and will start soon at Lower Plenty Road and on the Hurstbridge line duplication. 

Construction is expected to commence in 2017 and be completed in 2019.

View the government media release