25 October 2017

TRY build team standing outside the info hub

A one-stop Info Hub for locals to learn more about the Skye/Overton Road level crossing removal project and career opportunities in the construction industry opened today in Frankston.

The hub is situated at the corner of Skye Road and Farrell Street in Frankston and residents can drop in to learn more about the project.

The brand new hub was built by TRY Build, a social enterprise helping young people facing barriers to education or employment learn new skills and get a job. The students used skills in cabinet making, framing, sanding, varnishing, wall lining, and metal work to create the hub.

On the Frankston line alone, the Government is removing a massive 13 crossings, with three already gone. This work has created 2000 local jobs, and will mean commuters can get home safer and sooner.

Residents can also look forward to a new Frankston Station, with the Level Crossing Removal Authority to oversee the project as part of the Government’s $63 million Frankston Station Precinct Redevelopment.

For more information about the Skye/Overton Road level crossing removal visit the new Info Hub or the Skye/Overton Road web page.

Read the Government media release.